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Airports Authority Officers' Association (India) is a recognised Officers' Association representing CNS executives in Airports Authority of India (AAI). The membership comprises of dedicated Executives in CNS wing of AAI engaged in providing Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Facilities, all part of a continuous chain ensuring safe air travel to the travelling public...

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Latest News

AAOA(I) recognition extended upto 9/11/2019

Circular dated 19Dec2018

Transfer Ammendment 13062018 Part1      Part2

AGM CNS Placement Part1    Part2

Transfer Ammendment      AGM to JE    AGM to JE(22.05.18)    JtGM(CNS)

Group Insurance option Form

Promotions 2018 DGM(CNS)    MGR(CNS)    SM(CNS)    JtGM(CNS)

Transfers2018 AM(CNS)       JE(CNS)    JtGM/DGM    AGM/SM   Manager(CNS)

Transfer policy- Revised as on 23/1/18

CNS Annual Transfer Circular 2018


Ammendments dated 1/8/17

2nd ammentment

Ammendment JtGM/DGM(CNS) AGM/SM/Mgr/AM/JE(CNS) 

Promotions 2017DGM CNS  SM(CNS) Manager(CNS)

Transfer 2017:

 AGM/SM 2017 JtGM/DGM 2017

Manager CNS 2017  AM transfer 2017 

JE transfers 2017

GI 2017 Option Form


Promotion to AM(CNS) order dated 30.12.2016

PRP PLP order dated 27.10.2016

Posting of JE(Elex) selected through departmental exam

Promotion to DGM(CNS) order dated 10/8/16

Ammendment transfers dated 9/8/16

Ammendment transfers dated 22/7/16

AM(CNS) Placement order dated 12/7/2016

SM CNS promotion dated 22/6/16

Manager transfer dated 21/6/16

AGM transfer dated 21/6/16

JE transfer list dated 15/6/16

AM transfer list dated 15/6/16

DGM transfer(ammend) dated 13/6/16

Promotion to GM(CNS) dated 12/5/2016

Transfers 2016:  JtGM/DGM CNS(date corrected)

Promotions 2016:  DGM CNS   JtGM CNS

Letter served to AAI dated 11.01.2016

DNA Mumbai- Report on DISHA 2015

Dipawali wishes from GS.
Revised Draft CA Policy, 2015

Categorisation of stations    

Tenure Stations Vacancies 2016

Seniority List Uploaded In Seniority Link

Promotion 2015: Sr.Sup to AM CNS

Group Insurance 2015

JtGM to AM CNS Taking Over Charge-reg

CNS Transfer Amendment

Further Extention Order

Joining Date Extention Order

Transfer Amendment: AGM/SM  AM/JEE

Manager CNS Amendment


Joining Date Extension of DGM/SM

Transfer 2015    AM CNS  JEE CNS

Promotion 2015  Manager CNS Jt GM CNS

Transfer 2015  Manager CNS

Tenure Transfer 2015   AGM/SM CNS

Promotion 2015 : SM ELX Promotion   SM Tech Promotion List

GI Provisional List 2015

DGM CNS Promotion/Transfer 2015



GI Letter    GI Option Form
Sanctioned Strength As On 01-01-2015
Joint Letter to Management on pending issues
Promotion: Jt GM CNS
Promotion: MGR CNS & AM CNS
Promotion: JEE to AM  SM to AGM  AGM to DGMNew
Promotion: AM to M CNS
Transfer 2014:  JEE CNS    AM CNS
CNS Promotion 2014:  Sr Sup to AM   JEE to AM
Tenure Seniority List   DGM/JtGM   AGM/SM   Manager   AM/JEE
Regional Seniority:   CATC   NER    ER   WR
                    DISHA 2013
Fast Unto Death By GS Deferred.

DNA News Dt 1st OCTNew

Amendment List   SM/AGM      Manager
ED CNS Promotion & other latest developments uploaded in From the GS's Desk Page

Outcome of CEC meeting April 4th uploaded in "From the GS's Desk" page.

Letter to Hon'be MoCA Dt 15-03-13

AAOA( I ) Governing Body

DNA News 25/2/13

Letter to Hon'ble MOCA Dt 22-12-12

Letter to ED CNS
DNA Mumbai, News

Letter to Member ANS dt 29-1-13
Minutes of 6th DEC' 12 Meeting

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