DISHa - 2013
Exploring opportunities in
creating top-notch CNS
Infrastructure Indigenously

Welcome to DISHA - 2013!

DISHA is the prestigious and first-of-its-kind event conducted by Airports Authority Officers’ Associations (India). The Association is ambitious about conducting DISHA every year from now on. The event is conceived to serve as a platform for exploring opportunities in creating world-class CNS Infrastructure indigenously and to find ways to enhance Indian ANS on par with the best in the world. The event also provides an opportunity for knowledge sharing, strengthening relationships with all the stakeholders concerned with AAI and for getting updated on the latest developments in global air traffic control mechanism.

The Seminar

The seminar is aimed to serve as an eye opener for many to get updated with the latest technological advancement happening in the aviation industry. The seminar is also expected to foster an environment for members to share, update, showcase innovation and coach the workforce about emerging technologies. The seminar is sure to motivate and make everyone reaffirm their commitment to take AAI to scale new heights of professional competence and set global benchmarks in CNS performance for other to follow.

The Event and Beyond

DISHA is expected to provide a clear road map for Indian Civil Aviation to strengthen its CNS infrastructure and work towards creating more indigenous solution in Indian Air Navigation Service. The event is expected to strengthen the existing relationship between various stake holders in the Indian Air Navigation Services.